4 Tips for a Winter Home Sale

One of the most common myths in real estate is that homes don’t sell in the winter. While the market typically slows down between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, winter is as good a time as any to put a home on the market. Sellers who put their homes on the market in the winter do so for many reasons, including job relocations or changes in family situation, to name a few.

Remember, it’s quality over quantity. There may be fewer buyers in the market in many areas, but the ones who are house hunting tend to be more serious about buying. Explain this to your sellers and address their concerns for selling at this time of year.

Have your sellers address seasonal issues. Winter means three things: shorter days, icy walkways and limited parking. Encourage your sellers to brighten the interior of their homes by turning on the lights. And, make sure they keep their driveways and walkways clear of snow and ice.

Encourage your clients to stage their homes to take advantage of the season. A warm throw over the couch or an armchair or kindling in the fireplace creates a cozy feeling in the home and can help potential buyers picture themselves living there.

Keep the weather in mind. Winter is the time of year for inclement weather. Precipitation of any sort may keep potential buyers away. If you plan an open house, be sure to be flexible in case a storm rains (or snows) on your day.

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