4 Client Party Ideas for Spring

Bust out the barbeque grill for a memorable spring party for Father's Day.

Bust out the barbeque grill for a memorable spring party for Father’s Day.

Get social with your clients this spring! The warmer temperatures and longer days make it the perfect time to host a client appreciation party for your best clients. Face-to-face contact is one of the best ways to touch base with your clients, express your appreciation for their business and referrals and remind them that you’re never too busy for their referrals. Here are some spring-tastic ideas!

Planting party. If you have a green thumb, invite your favorite clients over for a planting party. You supply the dirt, water, gloves and plants or seeds. Invite them to bring a pot or two of their choice. Choose easy plant starts such as violets, marigolds, alyssum, poppies or a succulent of your choice. Planting is a fun project that is sure to get your clients chatting.

Mother’s Day tea party. Bust out the good china and show appreciation to the moms in your database with a tea party on or around Mother’s Day. Supply the tea and cakes, along with refreshing lemon- or cucumber-infused water, and be sure to give each mom a small bouquet of flowers.

Father’s Day barbeque. Recognize the dads in your database with a barbeque in their honor. Throw steak and chicken on the grill, fill a bucket with cans of cold beer and supply the rest of the fixings. Be sure to give the dads something useful to show your appreciation, such as grilling tools, a multitool or something else they’d enjoy.

Picnic in the park. Take advantage of the longer days and host a picnic at your local park. If the park has barbeques available, use them to grill food, or order sandwiches from a local restaurant instead. Supply some extra blankets and don’t forget the Frisbees, bocce ball set or other popular lawn games.
Client parties not only give you an opportunity to show your appreciation for your clients, they also allow your clients to meet one another and have fun. And, with Referral Maker® real estate CRM, they’re a breeze to plan. Visit ReferralMaker.com to learn more and to organize your spring client party today.

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