5 Tips for Achieving Happiness

Be happier with these 5 tips.

Be happier with these 5 tips.

Happiness isn’t permanent; it’s a choice you make every day. Happy people aren’t passive about their happiness. They take an active role by adopting a positive attitude and fully committing to their happiness. Here are five tips to help you become happier each and every day.

1. Commit to growth. Personal and professional development are essential to improving your relationships and enhancing your career. When you read, take classes or workshops or otherwise find ways to grow, you not only boost your brain power, you also become happier as a result. If you want to maintain a higher level of happiness, look for ways to grow your mind and skills every day.

2. Achieve. Think about the last goal you achieved—whether it was running a 5k, boosting your sales by 10% or losing 5 pounds—how did it make you feel? Chances are, you were elated! Achieving your goals boosts your happiness level.

3. Align your actual and your desired values. We’re happiest when our actual values align with our desired values. Outline what your values are and think about how they align with your life. For example, if you value your family as the number one, single most important thing in your life, but you don’t spend time with them, your values may be out of alignment. Plan a day out with your kids, attend their games or plays and set a weekly date night with your spouse.

4. Mind your health. Improving your health is a great way to boost happiness. On a physical level, mood-enhancing chemicals are released whenever you exercise. They’re why you feel great after a workout, even if the activity was grueling and left your muscles sore for days. On a mental and emotional level, getting the blood flowing in your body helps you to think better, maintain perspective and even work through challenges. And, when you feed your body healthy food, instead of only junk food, you provide it with the fuel it needs to thrive. In short, taking charge of your health can help you increase your happiness.

5. Connect with people. It’s fun to connect with people. Even the most introverted person gets a buzz from connecting with someone else. Connecting with interesting and like-minded people recharges our spirits and makes us happier. Spend time with the people whose company you enjoy to reap the most benefit.
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