3 Winter Pop-By Ideas

Drop your client's favorite beverage off at their home or work for a nice surprise.

Drop your client’s favorite beverage off at their home or work for a nice surprise.

Have you delivered a Pop-By to your best clients recently? Pop-Bys don’t go on hiatus until the sunshine and warm weather return. In fact, any time is a great time to deliver a Pop-By to a great client. If you’re not sure what to give to your clients at this time of year, here are a few ideas.

A favorite warm beverage. It doesn’t matter if “cold” in your area means 20 degrees below zero or anything under 70, a warm beverage is appreciated at this time of year. Drop by the office or home of your favorite clients and bring a hot latte or coffee or a package of their favorite coffee grounds. The sentiment is the same: I’m in the neighborhood and I wanted to say ‘hello’ and thank you for your business and referrals.

A weather-related accessory. This may mean an umbrella if you live in Southern California or a snow brush/ice scraper if you live in the Northeast (and all places in between). Your clients will appreciate the gesture and will be prepared the next time inclement weather strikes.

A tax-survival kit. Many people spend the first few months of the year gathering together all of their paperwork to start their taxes. Even if they have their taxes prepared by someone else, it can still be stressful gathering all of the proper documents together. Take the pain out of the prep with a kit that includes Ibuprofen, pencils, paperclips and a calculator.

Remember to use Referral Maker® CRM to help you create your Pop-By delivery plan while you’re in the office or out-and-about. The Referral Maker® App can pinpoint clients who live near where you happen to be so you can make the most out of being in the neighborhood for a showing, coffee or errand. Once you’ve popped by, be sure to update your clients’ information and your activities in Referral Maker so you can win the day, win the week and get that much closer to achieving your goals.


2 thoughts on “3 Winter Pop-By Ideas

  1. Paula Leemans

    I am looking for the Pop by little notes and especially the one for the Popcorn and can’t find it? Can you help?

    1. ReferralMaker Post author

      Hi Paula, The tags are in Referral Maker, under the marketing tab. On the left there’s a tab for Pop-By Tags. The popcorn one is about midway down in the middle of the row. Hope that helps!


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