3 Ways to Use Video in Your Next Email

Video is just another great way to communicate with your clients.

Video is just another great way to communicate with your clients.

Are you using video in your email campaigns? If not, you may want to reconsider. Video is a smart way to reach your clients, update them on the market, their home and home search; and show your competence and care for your clients. Since using video in emails is such a new concept, your clients are more likely to respond to your email with questions, comments or just to say ‘hello.’ Here are three ways to incorporate video in your next email or on social media.

1. Update buyer on listings that match their criteria. Want to impress your buyers and show them that you’re eager to help them find a great home that meets their needs? Say it in a video. Record a short video to give them an update of homes in the area that meet their criteria. And if it’s your listing, use the Property Match feature of Referral Maker® real estate CRM to connect your buyer with the listing. Learn more about how Referral Maker can help you and start your 30-day free trial today.

2. Give a home tour to out-of-area buyers. For buyers who are out-of-the-area, a video tour of the home will give them a better impression of the property than photos. Although it’s important to be thorough, remember that people’s attention spans are short. Keep it to less than five minutes unless the property is huge or is full of tons of unique features.

Social media bonus: A home tour in one minute or less? Instagram’s Hyperlapse app allows you to record your tour of the home and compress it to a video lasting one minute. Share your listing with your followers and clients on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

3. Update sellers on interest in their home. It important to give your sellers an update on the status of their home sale and keep them informed of buyers’ interest. A short video where you update them about interest in their home, what you’re doing to market the listing, etc. will reassure them that you’re doing all you can to get their home sold.

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