3 Ways to Start 2014 Strong

Although you may have met your goals this year, it’s not the time to take a break from lead generation…yet. Now is the time to lay the foundation for a fantastic 2014. Luckily, the social nature of the holiday season makes a fun time to reconnect with your clients and show them that you’re happy to be their trusted real estate agent. Here are three ways to set yourself up for a strong start in 2014.

Adopt a sprinter mindset.
Most of us think like marathoners, focusing on a distant target and working nonstop until we get there. No wonder so many people are burned out by the end of the year! Instead, think like a sprinter. Sprinters work hard in short bursts, using their motivation and drive to energize them to succeed during this time. To think like a sprinter, look at a calendar and circle the last day that you want to work in December and then figure out how many weeks you have left this year. Surely, you can focus and go hard for those weeks, right? Take time to rest at the end of each week so that you can start the next week refreshed and ready to go.

Focus on your daily proactive lead generating activities.
Calls, notes and Pop-Bys are a vital part of your daily lead generation. Luckily, they’re even easier to do at this time of year when people are feeling social and look forward to connecting with one another. Use the spirit of the season as motivation to complete your activities to Win the Day and Win the Week.

Get social this holiday season.
Let the season inspire you to socialize and deepen your relationships with your best people, which sets the stage for future referrals. Call your clients to say “thank you” or “happy holidays,” write a note to express your gratitude and well wishes, and Pop-By with a small token of appreciation. Or plan a holiday or winter-themed client party and invite your A+, A and B clients. Your clients will be happy to hear from you!

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