3 Ways to Serve Your Clients

Keeping your clients informed is one of the best ways to serve your clients

Keeping your clients informed is one of the best ways to serve your clients

Great client service is more than being nice and meeting your clients’ expectations—it’s about going above and beyond what’s expected to help them achieve their dreams of homeownership and maintain their investment once they’ve closed the deal. It’s sharing your knowledge with them, using your expertise to help them along the path of homeownership and keeping your skills sharp so you can offer the highest level of service. Here are three ways to serve your clients:

1. Keep them informed. You’re “in the know” about the real estate market, homeownership and other real estate issues. When you share your knowledge with others, it not only keeps them informed and helps them make better decisions; it also reinforces your role as the expert of your community. Your marketing materials are specifically designed to provide your clients with topical information they’ll find interesting and useful. Be sure to send your flyers on the first of the month and their corresponding eReports on the fifteenth for maximum impact.

2. Share your expertise. Most people will go through the process of buying and selling a home a handful of times in their lives, and each time they go through it, it’s a new experience. However, you go through the process on a daily basis—you have the process down cold. Use your extensive experience to help your clients navigate the process from when they’re just thinking of buying or selling to when they’re signing the contracts. Did your buyer just get bad news on a home inspection? Walk them through it and use your experience to help them make the decision to proceed with the transaction or walk away. Are your sellers trying to decide whether to upgrade a dated kitchen or just sell their home as-is? Explain the costs and benefits of renovating and help them make a decision.

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3. Sharpen your skills. In order to offer your clients top-notch service you have to keep your skills sharp, including your negotiation skills, listening skills, leadership skills and more. This also includes adapting your skills to a changing, more tech-centric world. Your clients are spending more time on the Web searching for real estate information than ever before. Meet them where they are, and keep your tech skills sharp. MarTech Trends™ is a one-day event intended to give you the skills you need this next era of real estate. Click here to learn more and to reserve your spot.

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