3 Ways to Rid Yourself of Fear and Achieve Your Goals

Don't hide from your fears; face them and achieve greatness!

Don’t hide from your fears; face them and achieve greatness!

Are your fears keeping you from succeeding? For many of us, the fear of failure (or even success) prevents us from reaching our goals. We become too paralyzed to act when we encounter an obstacle along our paths. Negative thoughts take over our minds and we begin to believe the horrible things we tell ourselves. We start to think that our goals are impossible, that we’ll never succeed, that we’re destined to fail—and before long we give up. After all, if we can’t believe in ourselves, who will? But, it is possible to defeat these negative thoughts and face our fears head-on. 1. Focus on growth. Instead of fearing the outcome, think about what you’ll learn from the process and outcome. Learning lessons from your successes and failures is what leads you to achieve your goals and reach success.

2. Try, try again. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Despite trying to anticipate all potential outcomes, we’re sometimes surprised by roadblocks and challenges. Instead of giving up in the face of a new challenge, think of ways to overcome it and try again. Keep trying until you succeed.

3. Keep it positive. Positive people tend to be more successful than their negative counterparts. Why? Their confidence in their abilities makes them more likely to look for solutions when challenges are and their optimistic dispositions make them more resilient while on their journey to success.


It’ll take time to change your mindset and rid yourself of the fear of failure and success. However, by practicing the above tips, you’ll soon begin to overcome your fears and thrive. Want more tips to help you reach your full potential? Register for Brian Buffini’s Success Tour 2015. You have four more opportunities to see Brian live, or register to watch the live broadcast via live webstream from the comfort of your home or office. Visit BrianBuffini.com to learn more and to reserve your seat today.

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