3 Ways to Make Your Breaks More Productive

A healthy lunch and a few stretches will help to make your break more productive.

You’re probably thinking from the title that this blog post that it will be about encouraging you to work like a fiend at all times, and sacrifice your free time at the altar of success. On the contrary; while we do encourage you to maximize your productivity, we also want you to carve some time for yourself several times a day. After all, it’s difficult to have the energy to manage a thriving business if you’re barreling towards burnout. Instead, there are choices you can make during your break that will replenish your energy tank and get you excited to take on the rest of your day. Here are just a few:

1. Take a nap. A short 20-minute nap has been proven to boost your memory and your overall brain performance. Plus, you’ll wake up refreshed and energized.

2. Make healthy choices at lunch. Many real estate professionals skip lunch, or snack on unhealthy food from a drive-thru or vending machine. If you don’t give your body and brain the fuel that it needs to function properly, you’ll feel sluggish and you may not be as sharp mentally as you could be. Instead,
fuel up on brain powering, energy boosting food at lunch such as whole grains, fish, nuts and seeds, fruit, berries and lean proteins. If you put good food into your body, you’ll get a lot more mileage out of your body.

3. Get outside. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! Combine going outside with exercise and you have the perfect match. Sunshine will boost your mood, as will the endorphins that are released when you walk, run, cycle or hike.

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re taking time for yourself is to schedule it. If it’s part of your daily to-dos, it’ll be more difficult to not do it (after all, it feels great to cross something off the list). Use Referral Maker™ real estate CRM software to schedule your day, create health and productivity goals and make breaks a part of your normal day. Visit Referral Maker for more information.


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