3 Ways to Make Sales Calls Work for You

Follow these tips to make your sales calls more successful.

Follow these tips to make your sales calls more successful.

Although many real estate agents spend a lot of their time on the phone, making phone calls to their databases can make them nervous or anxious. Whether they fear rejection or they don’t want to intrude, many agents slog through these phone calls with the intention of just getting them done. However, phone calls offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with clients and find a way to fill a need and offer great service. Even if you love calling your database, it’s important to make these calls efficient and useful for your business. Here are three tips to make sales calls work for you.

1. Have a good opening. In the age of caller ID, if your client picks up the phone, it’s because they want to talk to you. Congrats, you’re in! Make it work for you with a great opening line such as, “Hey Bob, I was just thinking of you and wanted to see how you’ve been.” What’s great about this is that it’s genuine. Over the course of the transaction—whether you sold their home or helped them purchase a new one—you connected with them frequently to update them on what was happening. While you’re probably not calling them every week now, calling them periodically to check in shows that you care about them and that they weren’t just a commission check.

2. Look for a need to fill. One of the best ways to offer great service is to find a need to fill. When you ask them how they’ve been, remember to ask the next question. If they mention that they’re busy with yard work, offer to connect them with a yard care service in your network or if they mention that they’re thinking of adding another bedroom or an office, connect them with a contractor in your network or if they say that they’re about to celebrate their wedding anniversary, suggest a restaurant they might enjoy (and follow up with a personal note). Whatever they mention, think of a way that you can help to make the process a bit easier, whether it’s through a connection to a skilled professional or suggesting a great restaurant to visit.

3. Remind them that you’re never too busy for their referrals. The end of the conversation is the best time to remind them that you’re never too busy for their referrals. If during the course of your conversation, you mention that business is great and that you’re super busy, they may be hesitant to refer their neighbor to you because they don’t want to stress you out. However, if you mention that you’re never too busy for their referrals, it’ll encourage them to refer you.

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