3 Ways to Lose Clients Through Social Media

Keep your social media postings professional to prevent being “unfriended” by the connections in your network.

We all know someone that uses social media ineffectively. In fact, you’ve probably blocked them from your news feed after one too many Farmville/political/family updates. Don’t worry if you do one or more of these things; there’s still time to change your habits and redeem yourself in the eyes of your friends and followers.

Don’t use social media to force a sale
Remember, social media is a way to enhance your relationships. Using it solely as a sales tool to promote your listings is common of those with a transactional mindset. Instead of engaging with current and potential clients, you’re having a one-way conversation that can prompt clients to “unsubscribe” from your updates or “unfriend” you. Use social media to promote your character and competence by deepening your relationships and you’ll find that your business will grow.

Social Media Tip: People love to view virtual tours of homes, even if they’re not currently in the market for one. Post a virtual tour of one of your listings and say “Check out this virtual tour of a great new listing in our area.” This will yield more response than a simple, “Know anyone in the market for a new home?”

Don’t be unprofessional
Use a professional photo of yourself as your profile picture. Before you post anything, ask yourself:
• What is the benefit of this post to your database?
• Does this post communicate your competence or character?
• Are you being authentic?
• Are you being professional?

Think twice about posting anything political or controversial, as well as too many family-related updates. It’s also helpful to look through your photos and delete the ones that show you in a less-than-professional light.

Don’t waste time
The downside of social media is that it’s easy to become sidetracked by games and other people’s status updates. Use your time wisely and focus on building relationships with your database and their referrals. Social media is a tool intended to enhance your calls, notes and Pop-Bys, not replace them.

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