3 Ways to Keep Your Clients Coming Back

Everyone wants to be heard, so be sure that you listen to your clients. This will help you meet their needs.

Everyone wants to be heard, so be sure that you listen to your clients. This will help you meet their needs.

Many agents feel blindsided when they find out that a past client is listing their home with or buying a home with another agent. However, if they neglected to keep in touch with them over the years or didn’t provide great service, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their clients went elsewhere. Every real estate professional wants their clients to return to them time after time. Follow these tips to stay at the time of the minds of your best clients.

Listen to them. Everyone wants to be heard. Part of offering great service is listening to what your clients are saying, and sometimes not saying. When speaking with them look for body language cues as well as the words they use. Remember, buying and selling a home is a big deal for most people—after all, they’ll only do it a few times in their lifetimes. If they’re anxious or nervous, take the time to put them at ease. Or, if they’re confused about the process, explain it to them, even if it’s for the hundredth time. Ask them questions, listen to their answers and be patient.

Look for opportunities to serve. When you work by referral, the quality of the service you offer is your calling card. If you offer great service, your reputation will precede you in the best way possible. A great way to provide great service is to care for your clients enough to look for opportunities to help them. If they mention offhandedly that they need to paint their deck, connect them with a reputable painter. If they mention that their oldest child is heading off to college soon, pop by with a book to help them cope with the transition.

Stay in touch after the transaction has closed. One of the biggest complaints that buyers and sellers have is that their real estate agent fell off the map as soon as the deal closed. Your clients want to hear from you! And, there are plenty of ways to serve them once the paperwork is signed. Stay at the top of their minds by sending them monthly marketing flyers that are full of topical information that they’ll find interesting. Check in with them periodically with a phone call, and follow the call up with a personal note saying how much you enjoyed speaking with them. You’re not only building the foundation for a strong relationship, you’re also planting the seeds for future business.

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