3 Ways to Help Your Clients Refer You

"Look at the great information my real estate agent just sent to me."

“Look at the great information my real estate agent just sent to me.”

When you work by referral, your relationships with your clients drive your business. In order to build your relationships with your best clients and become their trusted advisor, it’s essential to send your clients information that they’re sure to find interesting and informative. While they’re sure to glean valuable knowledge from the information you send, it also helps you to stay top of mind. The more information that you send to your clients, the better you’re able to separate yourself from the competition and establish yourself as the real estate expert of your community.

However, something greater happens when you send useful information to your clients; they are able to share that information with their family and friends. This helps you to expand your business by exposing your brand to other people who you may be able to help. Put simply, when your clients share the information you’ve sent them, they’re becoming advocates of your business by helping you to expand your reach. Here are three ways to encourage your clients to share the information you send to them.

1. Provide value. Or, put another way, what will your clients find useful? A well-written, well-designed flyer with helpful information about renovations, home buying or selling tips or even tips to improve health or well-being are sure to be well-received by your clients. Since they’re topics that most homeowners are interested in, your clients are more likely to share them with their family or friends who would find them useful. For example, a client may pass a flyer with renovation tips to a family member who’s thinking of remodeling.

If you don’t have time to write and design a monthly real estate marketing flyer, the Referral Maker® Marketing Kit has you covered. Each month, we’ll send you a box with professionally written and designed real estate Marketing Flyers to send to your clients, along with personal notes and access to a professionally written cover letter and eReport emails. Visit Referral Maker for more information.

2. Keep it simple. If you want people to share your content—whether it’s a marketing flyer, an email or a post on social media—make it easy.

• Personalize your Marketing Flyers. Members who personalize make more money than those who don’t simply because the people who receive the Marketing Flyer know who to contact when they receive it. Your clients and the people they pass the information on to are able to associate the useful information to your business, and are more likely to contact you for their real estate needs.

Tell them to share the eReport with family and friends who may find it interesting. People aren’t mind readers—if you want them to share the information you send to them, ask them to share it. You can ask them in the introduction of the email or before your sign off.

Tell them to share the information you post on social media. As with email, encourage sharing by asking your clients to share. In your post, ask them to share it if they think others will find it useful.

3. Thank them for sharing. When you find out a client shared the information you sent, thank them. For social media posts, it’s easy to see who’s sharing your information. With paper Marketing Flyers and emails, it’s trickier. When a prospective client calls you to ask about real estate, ask them how they heard about you. If they say that a client referred them to you, be sure to send your clients a personal note to thank them. This will encourage them to continue to share the information you send. And, be sure to add your prospective clients to your Referral Maker database so that you can start sending them information every month.

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