3 Ways to Get Face-to-Face with Your Top Clients

Meet up with your clients and tell them about your local market

Meet up with your clients and tell them about your local market

Although technology may have a place in a successful real estate business, there’s no doubt that face-to-face and voice-to-voice contact is more effective, especially when you’re trying to build relationships with your clients. While “liking” or commenting on a post are ways to communicate, they don’t have the impact that a phone call, a surprise visit or a lunch or client party have. Getting one-on-one time with your clients may seem old-fashioned; however, it’s an important way to enhance your relationships with your clients, find ways to serve them and ask for referrals. Here are three ways to get face time with your clients.

1. Pop-Bys are small, thoughtful surprises you deliver to your top clients to let them know you care and appreciate their business and referrals. You don’t need to break the bank buying gifts; instead focus on useful items that your clients will appreciate. It could be anything from a reusable bag to seasonal items such as baked treats or their favorite beverages. The point is you’re touching base with your clients, saying ‘thanks’ for their business, looking for a need to be filled and ask for referrals.
2. Coffee/lunch is a time-conscious and fun way to touch base with your clients. What better way to look for a need and connect with your clients than by break bread with them? Over the course of a meal or coffee, you can listen for a need to fill, such as a referral to a reputable roofer or tips to stage their homes before they’re listed.
3.  Client parties give you the opportunity to connect with several of your clients at the same time while you have fun. Who doesn’t love a party? Your clients can meet one another and sing your praises and you have the opportunity to thank them for their business and referrals.

The summer is a great time to catch up with your clients in person. Since we all tend to get busier in the summer, be sure to plan ahead of time if you’re inviting them to lunch or your summer client party. If you’re planning to pop-by, give them a call or text them beforehand to ensure they’ll be home, especially if you’re dropping of a perishable item. If you’re dropping off a non-perishable item and want to leave it on their doorstep, take a photo with your camera and text it to them to let them know it’s there.

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