3 Ways to Find Your Why

Find your why

Do you want an extra surge of motivation, especially when you need it the most? Find your why. Your ‘why’ is your reason for doing what you do; that is, getting up in the morning and working hard to succeed in your business and life. It could be anything—a person, an experience or a goal. If you’re struggling to find your why, here’s how to find it.
1. Why are you in real estate? Did you choose real estate because you want to be your own boss or have some flexibility in your day? Do you want to make enough money to live well, but don’t want to work a traditional 9-5? Write down your reasons for getting into real estate; it can provide insight into your ‘why.’

2. When are you the happiest? Our happiest moments are moments of inspiration, so think about what inspires you and makes you smile. Is it the thought of spending a few weeks in your favorite vacation destination or being able to take your family on a trip of a lifetime? Do you want to retire early or help your parents in retirement? Do you have a dream of leaving a legacy in your community? Whatever it is, write it down.

3. What does your perfect life look like? Many of us daydream about the life we’d like to live. If you’re one of them, take a few moments to think about what your dream life looks like in a year or five years from now. Write down every detail you ‘see.’ This exercise is sure to help you find your ‘why.’

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