3 Ways to Exceed the Expectations of Your First-Time Home Buyers & Sellers

Regardless of the age of your first-time sellers, they'll need your help to navigate the process.

Regardless of the age of your first-time sellers, they’ll need your help to navigate the process.

The real estate process can be an intimidating experience, especially for first-time buyers and sellers. First-time home buyers have never been through the process before. While they may remember a family member or friend going through the process, they may not have been privy to the ins and outs of the process. And although first-time sellers have been through the real estate process before, they were on the buying side of the table; selling a home is another story.

While your first-time buyers and sellers may not specifically say that they want their hands held throughout the process, it’s good service to take extra time to ensure that they understand what’s happening. Here are three ways to please your first-time buyers and sellers with exceptional customer service.

Educate them. Although the Internet gives buyers and sellers access to information about the market that they wouldn’t have had access to in the past, they lack the experience to know what to do with it. For example, first-time buyers may freak out that interest rates are up a few tenths of a percentage point from last year; however, you know that these rates are rock bottom on a historical level. You may even remember when interest rates were near 18% in the 1980s.

Even if your clients seem educated about the market—or say they know it all—it never hurts to discuss the market, the process and what to expect with them. Not only is it good service, but it may also reveal information to them that they didn’t realize they didn’t know.

Listen. If you want to serve your clients and help them find a great home or sell their current one, you have to listen to what they’re saying, and pay attention to their body language to understand what they’re not saying. People want to be heard, so mirror back what they told you to ensure that you understand them correctly. Listening reduces the chances of misunderstandings later on.

Keep the lines of communication open. One of the biggest complaints of buyers and sellers is that their agent goes MIA for weeks at a time. Many only hear from their agent once in a while, leaving them susceptible to believing their worst fears are coming true—no one wants their house, their ideal home isn’t out there, etc.

Check in with them at least once a week using the method that they prefer: phone call, email or text. Even if you have nothing new to report, a quick call, text or email shows them that you’re committed to helping them through the process. Referral Maker® real estate CRM can help you stay on top of calling all of your clients, including your first-time buyers and sellers. You’ll always know what to do, who to contact and what to say. Visit Referral Maker for more information and to start your 30-day free trial.

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