3 Ways to Boost the Open Rate of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Make your email marketing campaigns more effective with these tips.

Make your email marketing campaigns more effective with these tips.

Email marketing is one component of your real estate marketing plan, and an important part of your overall strategy. However, in this day and age, when many people are trying to simplify their lives by setting up email filters to weed out spam-like messages, it can be difficult to make sure that your messages are being read. People are more likely to open mail from the people they know, and email is no different. Your relationship to your clients may get your message into their Inbox; here are three ways to help ensure that they read it.

1. Send great content. What constitutes “great content?” Value. Offer content that they may deem valuable, such as information about a listing, tips to help them improve their home’s curb appeal or tips for a home renovation. Your email should reinforce your role as their trusted real estate professional, and show your character and competence.

Don’t have time to create great content? The monthly marketing kit from Referral Maker® real estate CRM has you covered. The Referral Maker® Marketing System gives you access to professionally researched, written and designed content to send to your clients via email and snail mail. Visit Referral Maker for more information about Referral Maker Pro and how it can improve your real estate marketing.

2. Keep it personal. Referral Maker® CRM allows you to personalize mass emails, making them to seem like the email was sent with the recipient in mind.

3. Do your research. Referral Maker also makes it easy to track the open rates of your emails. You’ll be able to tell who’s reading your emails and who isn’t. This will allow you to see patterns so that you can improve the targeting of your campaign. For example, if you send an email with landscaping ideas, you may notice that your clients who live in apartments or condominiums may not open that email, and that’s fine. To make them feel included, you could offer tips specifically for apartment or condo dwellers or simply include a line that encourages them to pass the information on to family or friends.

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