3 Ways to Boost the Impact of Your Marketing Campaigns

Get better and consistent results from your Marketing Flyers with these tips.

Get better and consistent results from your Marketing Flyers with these tips.

Marketing is a pivotal part of your business. While many agents stick to bus benches, door hangers, billboards in hopes that someone will call them, real estate professionals who work by referral seek to provide so much value to their clients that their clients will refer them to great people in their personal networks. Although they may employ a few of the traditional marketing methods in their campaigns, they mainly market to their existing customers and build strong relationships with them by providing value in the form of marketing flyers and email marketing. However, in order to be effective, it’s essential to do these three things:

Be consistent. Real estate marketing flyers are your opportunity to not only show your expertise, but also reveal your character to your clients. While they may be well-written and designed, the only way to increase their impact is to send them consistently each month. Over time, your clients will come to expect them from you, and look forward to receiving them each month.

If you have trouble remember to send them, let Referral Maker® real estate CRM help you stay on top of it. Referral Maker will remind you to send your marketing flyers on or around the 1st of the month. And, if you still have trouble remembering to send them, or you’re pressed for time, we’ll mail them for you for an extra fee. Visit Referral Maker for more information.

Follow up. If you want to ensure that your mail is opened by your clients, send a follow up eReport, an email specifically designed to complement the monthly marketing flyer. Designed to be the central component of your email marketing campaign, the eReport makes it super easy for your clients to contact you—all they have to do is hit ‘reply’ to ask a question or say hello. Send the eReport in the middle of the month for maximum impact.

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Personalize. Well-designed, topical marketing flyers are more likely to be shared. Ensure that the family, friends and acquaintances of your clients who receive it know who to contact for their real estate needs by personalizing your marketing flyers. With Brian Buffini’s Referral Maker Marketing System, we give agents to personalize their flyers several ways, whether they want to put their contact information in the top back corner of the flyer or they want to add listing information to back bottom third of the flyer. Make sure that everyone knows what a knowledgeable and caring real estate professional you are by personalizing your monthly marketing flyers.

Referral Maker CRM was designed to make it easy and fun to work by referral. Referral Maker keeps you on top of all of your real estate marketing, reminding you when to send your materials, who to send them to and tracking the results. Visit Referral Maker for more information and to start your 30-day free trial.

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