3 Ways to Get More Done Each Day


Have you ever exclaimed, “I wish there were more hours in the day!”? As the spring selling season moves into summer, you may find your schedule is booked up with client meetings and listing appointments, in addition to your regular tasks, from lead generation to ensuring transactions stay on track. Although there’s no way to add more hours to the day when you need them, there are three approaches to time-management that can help you get more out of the hours you do have.

1. Review and prioritize your schedule.
It’s difficult to get everything done when you think that it’s all a priority. While it may be important, it may not be a top priority for the day. Review your to-do list daily and pinpoint the top one or two activities that have to get done no matter what. Schedule those first and then move on to the next tasks.

If you’re always rushing from appointment to appointment, think about building in more buffer time between them. Or, if you find you’re always running over the allotted time, think about why? Are you overcommitting yourself? Have you scheduled enough time for the appointment itself? If you feel your overcommitting yourself, try to commit to fewer things during the day and schedule wiggle room between appointments.

2. Tackle difficult tasks during your peak productive time of day.
We all have a time of day when our mind is sharpest and we feel the most productive. For some, it’s the early morning hours; for others, it’s the afternoon. Whatever yours is, schedule the tough stuff for when your mind is sharpest.

3. Value transition time between time blocks and appointments.
Many of us are so busy moving from task to task, appointment to appointment that we never have time to catch our breath. As a result, we feel exhausted and burned out by the end of the day. If you have a few minutes between appointments or tasks throughout the day, take the time to breathe, prepare mentally for your next task or appointment, review your goals, say your affirmations or take a walk. This will help you reset and refresh your mind for what’s next.

If you must be productive during this  time, make a lead generating phone call or two, write a few personal notes, etc.—all things that won’t take up much time.

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