3 Ways to Connect with Your First-Time Buyers

working with buyers

The home buying process can be stressful, especially if your clients haven’t purchased a home before. Although they may have all the information they could ever imagine at their fingertips on their smartphones, they lack the expertise you have to interpret it all. Working with first-time homebuyers gives you the chance to show off your knowledge, skills and experience while building the foundation for a lasting business relationship. Here are three ways to help your first-time buyers through the real estate process.

1. Connect with them consistently.
Add them to Referral Maker CRM and begin sending them your monthly marketing flyers and eReports. If you’re working with them currently, send them an update at least once a week to reassure them that you’re on the lookout for their ideal home. Remember, the best time to ask for a referral is when you’re currently working with them, so be sure to ask for a referral each time you connect.

Once they’ve found a home and the transaction has closed, remember to maintain consistent contact. You never know when they’ll need a referral to roofer, plumber or other professional in your network.

2. Match them with listings.
Referral Maker CRM makes it easy to connect your buyers with your current listings. Once you’ve asked them what they’re looking for in a home—their “must-haves” and “dealbreakers”—include their preferences in their profile in Referral Maker CRM. Use the Property Match feature to match them to your current listings.

3. Connect them with a mortgage lender in your network to get preapproved.
Preapproval is an important step in the home buying process. It gives the buyers an idea of what they can afford, gives them time to improve their credit score and makes it easier to move forward when they find a home they want to make an offer on. If your buyers haven’t been preapproved for a mortgage, connect them with a reputable lender in your database.

The same is true for any other service they may need, such as a notary, a moving company and more. Throughout the process, you have the opportunity to connect your clients with great professionals in your network. Each opportunity helps you reinforce your character and competence.

Referral Maker CRM helps you every step of the way to reinforce your professionalism and expertise. Visit Referral Maker CRM to learn more.

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