3 Tips to Work Like a Pro

Follow these three tips to work like a pro!

If you’re like many agents, you consider yourself a hard worker. You may show up to the office before the sun rises and leave long after sun sets, and may sacrifice lunches, vacations and even quality time with your significant other and children. While some may see this as a consequence of success, in reality you’re aboard the one-way train to Burnout City.

The most successful agents aren’t the ones who do the most time in the office; they’re the ones who work smarter and put their ‘work’ time to the most productive use. Hard work may pay off, but in order to work like a pro, follow these three tips.

Work smarter. The pros don’t just work hard, they work smart. They focus their time, energy and resources on the activities that will best serve their clients, generate the most leads and help their businesses thrive.

Exercise your veto. Many agents think that they have to say “yes” to everything, often out of fear that the one thing that they say “no” to will close the door to future opportunities or they’ll hurt someone’s feelings. Nonsense! If you want your business to thrive, it’s essential to say “no” to the things that won’t drive your business or aren’t right for you right now. Saying “no” actually frees you up to say “yes” to the great opportunities that will benefit your business. And, being selective about the opportunities you hitch your wagon to may even make your services more in-demand than ever.

Don’t ‘major’ in the ‘minors.’ Be honest, do you find yourself focusing on the little activities or disturbances that come up during the day? Perhaps your website crashed or the printer jammed so you can’t print flyers or maybe you ran out of stamps for your monthly mailing. It’s easy to get worked up into a tizzy when things don’t go your way; however, don’t let the little trifles of life divert your attention from your goals.

Instead, delegate. Have your assistant (or your teenager or significant other) go to the post office and pick up some stamps or run to FedEx/Kinkos or another self-printing facility to print the flyers or call your web developer brother-in-law to see if he can fix your website. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance so that you can focus on the activities that truly drive your business.

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