3 Tips to Stay Calm When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Stay calm

Although it’s the season of cheer and good will, the holidays are also one of the most stressful times for many agents. You’re trying to close deals by the end of the year, plant the seeds for next year’s business and referrals, handle your annual client party and Pop-Bys, not to mention all of the family commitments you have. Many real estate agents find themselves spread too thin at this time of the year and begin to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Fight those feelings of overwhelm by doing this instead:
Set boundaries. When you see your time as valuable, you begin to fight to protect it. If you’re booked and someone asks you for “just one more thing,” say “no.” Instead, focus on the activities and tasks that have to be completed.
Prioritize. We all have those days where every task on our lists seems like a priority. However, chances are, there are only one or two tasks on the list that absolutely have to get done that day.  Put those tasks at the top of the list, and once those are complete, tackle the next most important task. When you focus on what’s important, you can be sure you’ll get done the activities you need to each day.
Ask for help. Instead of planning your client party by yourself, hire a party planner and hire a cleaning service to clean your home in time for guests. In short, don’t go it alone—spend a bit more to have a professional handle it for you. Not only does this allow you to focus on the tasks that matter, you’ll also have a great contact to refer to your clients.

If you find yourself getting bogged down with the smaller, time-consuming tasks, hire an assistant. Delegating smaller tasks to an assistant will give you more time to serve your clients.
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