3 Tips to Reignite Your Career

A seminar is a great way to boost your motivation to succeed.

A seminar is a great way to boost your motivation to succeed.

It happens to many professionals when they’ve been in their careers for a long time—they get burned out and begin looking for greener pastures. This happens in real estate more often than many other careers. The roller coaster of the real estate market has left many agents sick and ready to get off the ride. Some leave real estate to pursue another path, while others continue to trudge along, unhappy in their journey. However, there is a third option—reigniting the fire you once had for real estate when you started. Here are three ways to reignite your real estate career.

1. Find your ‘why?’ Your ‘why?’ is the reason you wake up in the morning, eager to start the day. It’s what motivates you to start and keeps you motivated when times are tough. Think of it as your purpose. Why did you get into the business? Who or what are you working so hard for? Your answers to these questions will help you find your ‘why’ and inspire you to succeed.

2. Mentor. It may sound counterintuitive, but mentoring an agent who’s just starting out may help to inspire and motivate you. After all, you have a ton of experience behind you and can share the lessons learned with your mentee. Additionally, their enthusiasm to succeed and fresh look on the industry can help you see real estate in a different light.

3. Take a seminar or class. Networking with other professionals not only keeps you connected to the movers and shakers in the industry, it can also make you more excited about the industry. Seminars and classes increase your knowledge and leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle new challenges. Want to get inspired this year? Register for Brian Buffini’s Success Tour! Brian Buffini is taking his high-energy seminar on the road again this year, stopping in six cities across the United States and Canada along the way. Can’t make it in person? Don’t worry; watch the seminar from the comfort of your office through the pay-per-view HD live feed. Visit BrianBuffini.com for more information and to secure your spot today.

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