3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Brian Buffini’s Monthly Webcast

Whether you watch the Webcast live or your listen to it later on, Brian Buffini offers plenty of great tips to help you succeed.

Each month, Brian Buffini hosts a monthly webcast that is intended to educate, motivate and inspire our Buffini & Company Members. Personal development and professional advice are part of every webcast—our Members learn ways to improve their businesses, boost their productivity and live better lives. Everyone in business can find valuable information in each call and can connect with a point or two (or three). We include a CD of the audio of the webcast each month in the Lead Generation Kit for our Referral Makers to listen to again. Here are some tips to help get the most out of each webcast.

Take notes.
Notes make it easy for the audience to revisit certain points after the call ends. If certain things stand out, write them down and review your notes later. And if you’re bad at note taking, Brian makes it easy for you—he organizes his presentation around three main points.

If you can’t watch the Brian Buffini’s Monthly Webcast live, you can listen to it instead. Every month, the Lead Generation Kit includes a copy of the previous month’s webcast. Pop it into your car’s CD player or upload the files to your MP3 player and listen to it whenever you’re out and about. Or scan the QR code on the label with your smartphone or tablet and watch the webcast whenever you get a chance.

Listen to it a few times.
The CD and the QR code provide you with multiple opportunities to listen to the audio content again and again. Perhaps you listen to the audio live and then listen to the CD again in your car between meetings. Or maybe you get the urge to listen again a few months after you receive the CD in your marketing kit when something in life calls you to it. Whatever the reason, having the content readily available to you makes it easy to reconnect with it at a time most convenient for you.

Find ways to apply it to your life.
The topics Brian discusses are relevant to business and life. While they’re intended to help you Work by Referral, they will also help you develop both personally and professionally. Think about how the lessons pertain to your life and your business. Perhaps even write your thoughts about the topic in a journal or create goals to help you incorporate the points into your life.

Use the Calendar tab in Referral Maker™ real estate CRM software to schedule time to watch the monthly webcast or to listen to the audio CD that comes in your Lead Generation Kit. Visit the Referral Maker website for more information and to start your free 30-day trial.

Will you and your office be listening to the Webcast today? Share this information with your network to help them get the most out of the Member Conference Call, too.

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