3 Tips to Banish Negativity and Embrace Positivity

Want to be more positive now? Write down 3 things you’re grateful for.

Although happiness is a choice we make every day when we wake up, it’s all too easy to sink back in to old negative habits once the day begins. Perhaps you overhear the person in front of you in line at the coffee shop complaining about the weather, while the girl behind the counter gives you the wrong drink. Or maybe you commiserate with friends over complaints about life and work. It’s hard to find happiness if you’re constantly pushing it away with negativity and complaints. Here are three tips to stay positive in the face of negativity.

1. Express gratitude. People who are grateful for what they have, and take the time to think about it, get a surge of happiness that can boost their energy. Take two minutes each day write down 3 things that you’re grateful for in a notebook. This way you get in the habit of practicing gratitude and you have a list of everything you’re grateful for that you can reflect upon when negativity starts to creep into your psyche.

2. Compliment someone. Instead of complaining about someone’s faults, compliment them on what they’re doing right. Compliment the girl behind the counter on her polite service and happy demeanor before you point out that she gave you the wrong drink. Although catching someone’s mistake is important and provides an opportunity for the person to learn a valuable lesson, it’s important to also dish out words of praise. This way they’ll be encouraged to chance, not discouraged from trying again.

3. Focus on what you can control. Try as you might, you can’t change someone’s attitude. Although there are studies that show that positivity is infectious, some folks seem to be immune. The one thing you can control is your own attitude and your own reaction to challenging situations. Focus on your attitude first.

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