3 Tips for Working with Millennial Clients

Over the next few years, more Millennials will be entering the housing market.

Over the next few years, more Millennials will be entering the housing market.

As the economy continues to improve, more Millennials are moving up and into their own homes. Millennials are the generation that’s currently in their 20s and early 30s right now. They were raised with technology, making it all the more important to ensure that you’re up to speed on your website, social media and all of the technology in between. Here are a few tips for working with Millennial clients.

They’re hungry for information. Although they may seem impulsive, they try to absorb as much information as they can before making a decision. And gathering information for them is as easy as typing a few words into their favorite search engine. While your website is the first way to offer them the information they crave, it’s also important to get face time with them and offer them the value they seek. Make it easy to connect with you via your website or social media and create short, online videos that cover topics that will help them understand how the real estate process works.

They may have help. Many Millennials are first-time buyers and sellers and aren’t sure of the process. Many will include their parents or another trusted advisor in the decision-making process, or to verify what you’ve told them. Developing trust with their parents will help you to develop trust with them, and will make everyone feel included in the discussion.

Set parameters for communication. Texting and social media have made us more accustomed to rapid response. We want answers as soon as we ask the question. If this sounds like your client and you communicate differently, explain this to them. Ask them how they prefer that you contact them and then let them know when you’re available. If you don’t take calls after 7:30pm or don’t respond to emails or texts after 8pm, let them know. Setting expectations may help to mitigate frustrations that may arise later on.

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