3 Tips for Millennial Real Estate Agents

Millennials may lack experience, but they do have the energy to succeed.

Millennials may lack experience, but they do have the energy to succeed.

If you’re a millennial real estate agent just starting out in the business, the first years can be a tough learning experience. Since you just started in the business, you may not have sold many homes yet, and you’re in the process of building a strong client base. You may also lack the skills and expertise that come through years of experience in the industry. However, what you lack in experience you may more than make up for in energy. In order to succeed, you must use this energy to help you launch a thriving business. Here are a few tips:

1. Commit to learning. The most successful people in any industry understand that they are perpetual students, and always look for opportunities to enhance their skills and learn something new. This means more than continuing your education online or in a classroom; it also means going to industry seminars and workshops to learn from the best and network with other professionals. Get started with Brian Buffini’s Success Tour, a real estate event that will be in San Jose in June. Visit BrianBuffini.com to register.

2. Get social. The best way to build a network is to get out and socialize. Make a list of everyone you know in the community, from your neighbors to the people at your church or other local organization, and try to touch base with them. Be sure to use the Mayor Campaign Dialogue, and ask if you can be their go-to real estate agent. If you’re new to town, or you want to build your network, get involved in local community organizations and the local chapter of your college alumni association. Then, add the names of the people you meet to your Referral Maker® real estate CRM database.

3. Find a mentor. You can learn a lot from the experiences of real estate professionals who have been in the business for several years. Asking them to share their experiences will help you to avoid making common rookie mistakes.

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