3 Tips to Ensure You Do Your Lead Generating Activities Every Day

How to Optimize Technology in Your Relationships

Do you find it challenging to complete your daily lead generating activities each day? You’re not alone. It’s easy to become so wrapped up in the activities of the day that you don’t get around to completing your lead generation. However, since it’s the bread-and-butter of your business, it’s vital to make lead generation a top priority. Here’s how to ensure you get it done:

Commit to a system. When you work by referral, your lead generation consists of connecting with your past and current clients, who you have existing relationships with. When you generate leads, you’re asking for and receiving referrals from your best and favorite clients. Over time, making calls, writing notes and delivering Pop-Bys will become second-nature and a task you enjoy since you’re connecting with people you enjoy talking to.

Time-block your schedule. If you’re not sure how you’ll get everything done, time blocking your day forces you to make time and focus on one activity at a time, whether it’s generating leads, checking email, tackling paperwork, etc. Instead of becoming distracted by social media, emails, and the fires that spring up during the day, you focus on a priority task for an hour or hour and a half—however long your time block lasts.

Get started. If you’re nervous about calling your clients or you don’t want to feel like a pest, use the dialogs included in Referral Maker® CRM. Practice them until they feel natural to say. Remember, your clients love to hear from you. If you’re still anxious, pick up the phone and call your favorite clients first. The excitement you feel after you speak with them will give you confidence and encourage you to call the rest of the clients in your database.

Referral Maker CRM makes generating leads easy and fun. You’ll know exactly who to contact and have dialogs to help you get the conversation started. Visit ReferralMaker.com for more information.


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