3 Tasks to Delegate Today

You want to be more productive, but you keep getting bogged down by the little things that come up, like printing off your monthly marketing letters, buying stamps or creating and printing flyers. Or, maybe you keep getting distracted by the fires that pop up during the day. Although these little things have to get done, they tend to be time consuming, which prevents you from focusing your attention on what’s important—growing your business so that it can thrive. It’s impossible to build a business if you can’t dedicate your attention to serving your clients and generating more referrals. If you find yourself caught up in tasks that distract you from generating leads, it’s time to hire help and delegate them to an assistant.

What to delegate:
1. Office errands. The beauty of the Internet is that with a few clicks, you can order whatever you need and have it sent to your office. You can order your supplies from an office supply chain and your stamps from the post office (usps.com). However, if you can’t wait two to five business days to receive your order and don’t want to pay extra for shipping, you may have to pop down to the store yourself. Or do you? Having an assistant (or even a spouse or friend who happens to be running errands) pick up your supplies for you allows you to focus your energy on more productive tasks, like your daily proactive lead generating activities.

2. Administrative work. Although it’s essential to mail your monthly marketing items each month, folding every letter and flyer and addressing and stamping every envelope can take a chunk of time out of your day, especially if you have a large database. Instead outsource it to an assistant, or sign up for Client Direct. We’ll handle your monthly mailings each month so that you don’t have to worry about it.

The same goes for your office phone. Hiring an assistant to answer calls and screen callers not only prevents you from interrupting your flow when you’re making your calls to your database, writing personal notes or otherwise taking care of business, it also provides a filter through which only the necessary issues get through—no telemarketers and no time wasters. It also helps if your assistant is trained to handle the questions that you may hear from your buyers and sellers on a regular basis. That way the caller has his questions answered right away and you don’t have to be interrupted.

3. Tasks that aren’t your forte. There’s no shame in delegating tasks that you don’t enjoy or don’t have a knack for. If you’re not a whiz with web design or SEO and you want a great website that ranks well in the search engines, then hire a professional web developer. And while you should know a bit about finance, a bookkeeper or other financial professional can help you keep it all straight. Think about the tasks that you’re not so great at, and find a professional service or assistant to handle them for you.

Referral Maker™ real estate CRM software is designed to take the stress out of organizing and tracking your daily activities. Just input the goals you’ve set for your business and Referral Maker creates a list of proactive lead generating activities to do every day to achieve them. Additionally, your database is at your fingertips whether you’re tapping away on a computer or scrolling on your smartphone. You’ll always have your database in your pocket. Visit Referral Maker to learn more and to start your free 30-day trial.



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