3 Surprising Benefits of Scheduling

Prioritizing your schedule not only helps you to become more organized, it also gives you more freedom in your day.


Although most real estate agents and brokers wish they could be more efficient during their workdays, many of them find it difficult to create a plan for their day and stick with it. Sure, they have their excuses: “My days vary so much it would be impossible to plan them,” “I need to have the freedom to deal with situations that pop up,” “I have so much to do that I don’t even know where to begin to plan,” etc. While it’s impossible for most to plan their schedules down to the minute, the most successful professionals are able to plan their days with their priorities in mind, which gives them the ability to work smarter. Professionals who plan tend to find more success than their schedule-phobic counterparts. Here are three benefits of planning your schedule.

1. It gives you freedom. Although it seems contrary, planning your tasks for your day actually gives you freedom. How? You’re able to build in wiggle room for the things that pop up, such as situations that need attention right away or a jog to clear your head. Professionals who plan know the activities they need to complete, how long they will take and how much time they’re willing to dedicate to completing them. As a result of this understanding, they’re able to address fires without feeling overwhelmed.

2. You’ll become more organized. Planning gives you a guide as to what you’ll be doing during your day. Have a meeting with clients at 10am? No problem, you can plan for time to prepare before your meeting. Plan on spending an hour on the phone with three of your favorite clients to touch base? Planning your day allows you pencil in extra time to update their information in Referral Maker™ real estate CRM software at the end of your call. When you plan your day and your week, you have time to prepare for your appointments and your lead generating activities. Not only does this make you appear more professional to your clients, it also reduces your stress levels as well.

3. It forces you to focus on your priorities. If you’ve ever complained that you don’t have enough time in your day for the important tasks, it’s time to start planning your schedule. Planning your day around your priorities ensures that you will have time to complete them, and naturally puts the less important tasks on the backburner for another day.

Referral Maker makes it easy to plan your day and stick to it. Once you set your goals for your business, Referral Maker creates a list of daily proactive lead generating tasks that will help you succeed. Add your personal to-dos to your list and you have your schedule at your fingertips. Visit Referral Maker for more information and to start your 30-day free trial today.

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