3 Reasons to Use Social Media in Your Business

Why you should use social media in your business.

Why you should use social media in your business.

Connect with your clients today! Social media is an easy way to connect with your clients. Although it’s no substitute for face-to-face contact, it’s a quick way to provide value and touch base with them. Here are three reasons to use it in your business.

1. Provide value to your clients. Share items that your clients will find useful, including tips for buying or selling, national and local market statistics and home trends. Your clients are sure to find the information valuable, and appreciate you sharing it.
2. Market your business. Social media provides a platform to market your business for free to your clients and their networks. Post listings, blogs you’ve written, information about a client party, etc. It allows you to show your professional expertise as well as the services you offer to your clients.
3. Establish yourself as the local expert. If you’re involved in your local community, social media gives you an opportunity to share information about events, organizations and activities that your clients and their family and friends might enjoy. Not only is this information useful to clients who are new to the area, it also encourages current residents to attend as well. This helps you establish yourself as a true expert of the community—who else would you want to help with a home transaction?

Social media has become an important way to communicate among people of all ages. Referral Maker® CRM makes it easy for your clients to find you on social media. Link your social media profiles to your email signature in Referral Maker and help your clients connect with you during your email campaigns. Visit ReferralMaker.com for more information and to start your 30-day free trial.

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