3 Reasons to Update Your Database Every Year

Refresh your database regularly so that you can focus your energy on your best clients.

When is the last time you refreshed your database? Many agents input their clients’ information into their databases once and never update that information again. The real estate industry is all about relationships, and as such, your relationships with your clients will change over time. You’ll get to know them better as they celebrate and endure the many changes that occur in life. Keeping this information up-to-date ensures that you’re able to meet all of their needs, and the best way to do so is to revisit the information a few times a year.

1. Keep your clients’ information up-to-date. In addition to maintaining current contact information, it’s also important to note any life changes, such as marriage, divorce, additions to the family (both of the small human and furry varieties), and anything new that your clients mention. Not only will this save you from embarrassing slip ups (like addressing your monthly marketing materials to your client and his now ex-wife), but it will also help you serve your clients better by tailoring to their needs.

2. Reassess your relationships. When you work by referral, it’s important to show appreciation to those clients who send you referrals, especially multiple referrals. Although you may have sorted your database when you first imported it into your real estate CRM, it’s important to repeat the exercise periodically. After all, you may have received a referral or two from a C client, which would move them into an A+ position. Take some time each quarter to sort your relationships into A+, A, B, C and D categories.


A+ clients are the people who have sent you multiple referrals.
A clients are people who have sent you a referral in the past or are most likely to refer you.
B clients are people who would refer you, if asked and shown how.
C clients are people might refer you in the future.
D clients are the people who you don’t wish to market your services to.

Need some help finding your A+ clients? Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software features the My Top Referrers report so that you always know who your top clients are. You can find this report under My Business Dashboard.

3. Know where to focus your energy. Your A+ and A clients are the people who have referred you or are the most likely to do so. Therefore, they are where you should focus your time and energy. Sorting your clients into categories helps you know who you should call, write personal notes to and deliver Pop-Bys to most often. And, with Referral Maker CRM, you’ll always know who to contact. Referral Maker uses your relationship categories to create your daily to-do list. Contact with your best clients appears more often so that you can communicate with them at least once a month. Connecting with your B and C clients pops up in your daily to-do list every 60 and 90 days, respectively. That way, you’re concentrating your time on the people who are mostly likely to refer you again.

An updated database allows you to better serve your clients. Click to tweet.

Referral Maker CRM makes it easy and fun to manage your relationships and update your clients’ information. Additionally, the Referral Maker™ App boosts your efficiency by allowing you to do so while you’re out-and-about. Visit the Referral Maker website for more information and to start a free 30-day trial.


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