3 Reasons to Start Using Instagram

With Instagram, you can capture great photos of your city or town and give potential buyers a glimpse into the local area.

With Instagram, you can capture great photos of your city or town and give potential buyers a glimpse into the local area.

If you’re like most agents, you want to have a presence on whatever social media platform is the most relevant at the time. First it was Facebook, and then everyone flocked to Pinterest. While these are great platforms for sharing photos and information about listings and tips for home buyers and sellers, many agents are beginning to turn their attention to Instagram.

Instagram is a photo-driven social media site allows you to edit and post photos, as well as short 15-second videos to your feed on the site, Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites. Here are a few reasons to get active on Instagram:

1. Establish yourself as an expert of your area. Instagram helps others view you as the local expert, not only of the housing market, but also of the neighborhoods within your town. The photos that you take when you’re out and about show that you’re part of the fabric of the community and give your clients a glimpse into who you are. A note before you post: Share your photos on your Photo Map. By geotagging your photos, your clients will know where a photo was taken and can see the other places you’ve taken photos.

Some ideas:
• Since the holidays are near, take photos of decorations along Main Street or outside of the local shops to capture the spirit of the community.
• Take a 15-second Hyperlapse video of your community’s holiday parade to give potential buyers from out of the area a fun perspective of the town.
• Does your town host a Turkey Trot or other holiday-themed fun run? Take a photo of the runners. If you’re running the race yourself, take a snap of your race bib or take a Hyperlapse video of the run to show that your community is fit and active.

2. Improve your impact. Hit two (or more) social media birds with one stone, all while showcasing beautiful photos of your listings, favorite restaurants and neighborhoods in your local area, client parties and more. Take a photo, apply a filter (or not) and post it to Instagram and Facebook, or another social media network. This helps you to expand your reach to clients and potential clients that you’re connected with on multiple platforms.

3. Show your clients what you do. Let’s face it, most people think all agents do all day is stick signs in yards and host open houses. In reality, you do so, so much more than that. Let your clients see it!

Some ideas:
• If you’re hosting a client party, take photos of the invitations, decorations or your intended menu.
• Got Pop-Bys in the trunk of your car? Take a photo of them, or a get a photo of assembling them.
• Get a picture of your clients with the keys to their new home in their hands.

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