3 Reasons to Include Videos in Your Real Estate Marketing

Leave a lasting impression of your business and listings with a short video.

Leave a lasting impression of your business and listings with a short video.



The Internet has made buyers and sellers savvier than ever. Not only do they have access to more information about the real estate market than ever, they can also access videos of listings that catch their interest and connect with their real estate professionals. Or can they? Although an overwhelming majority of buyers and sellers would like their agents to incorporate video in their marketing, only 15% of agents do.*

Video is a great way to leave a lasting impression of your business and listings on potential buyers and sellers. Here are three reasons to add video to your quiver of marketing tools.

1. Boost the impact of your marketing campaign. Make your real estate marketing more effective with a short video introducing the monthly marketing item or eReport or give your clients an update on the local real estate market. Since video marketing is a largely untapped marketing tool, it will pique your clients’ curiosity. Emails with video see larger click-through volume than those without.

2. Make it personal. Get your clients’ attention by adding a personal message. Now, we’re not saying to create a personalized video for everyone in your database. However, give your A+ clients an unexpected extra and record a video just for them. Remember to thank them for their business and remind them that you’re never too busy for their referrals.

3. Appeal directly to your buyers and sellers. Although today’s buyers and sellers have access to more information than they did in the past, they still need your help to guide them through the process. Whether you record a video to go with your monthly marketing or you record a video with specific tips for buyers or sellers, it’ll offer your clients reassurance that you have their best interests at heart.

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*Source: National Association of Realtors®

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