3 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Photograph Your Listings

Want great listing photos?  Hire a professional.

Want great listing photos? Hire a professional.

Most potential buyers cruise the listings on the Internet before they contact their agents to look at a home in person. Although a great description may prompt them to call their agent, it’s the photos that make them click on the listing in the first place. Great photos can highlight the best parts of the home; however, bad photos can make even the most gorgeous house look terrible.

Many agents, in an effort to save time and money, photograph their listings themselves with mixed results. While it’s possible to take great interior and exterior shots with the right equipment, it’s also essential to have the knowledge and expertise to use the equipment right. Here are three reasons to hire a pro:

1. Show the home in its best possible light. Experienced photographers not only have the equipment and tools to take great shots, they also understand all that goes into taking it, from proper lighting to shooting at the right angle to emphasize the best features of a room. Additionally, they focus on shooting the rooms that sell the house instead of wasting time on features that can be seen during a home tour, such as closets and storage spaces (unless the closet rivals Mariah Carey’s, it doesn’t need a separate photo).

2. Save time. Anyone can take a great photo right? You just point your camera at the subject, click the button and voilà! Not quite. There’s a bit of touch up involved in most photos. We’re not talking about a complete Photoshop overhaul that makes the room look unrecognizable from the photo. Professional photographers take the time to process the shots, edit them, and adjust the lighting, etc. so that what you have is an accurate, but enhanced, view of a home or room within a home. This process takes time—time that a busy real estate agent may not have. By relying on a professional, you know that the photos you place in the listing will pique the interest of potential buyers who want an in-person peek.

3. Save money. Camera equipment is expensive. Add in to the mix the tutorials and time it takes to learn how to use it all and you have an expensive endeavor on your hands. Photography is an art, and while most cameras and smartphones feature tools to help even the most novice photographer shoot a good basic photo, it takes knowledge and an excellent eye to showcase the home at its best. Although it may seem like a money-saver to take a DIY approach, in reality, it’s cheaper to hire a pro. After all, it’ll save you the time of having to take and edit the shots yourself and the expense of buying the equipment.

It may not be worth it to hire a pro to shoot all of your listings; however, if you live in a competitive market or work with high-end listings, it makes sense to spring for professional shots. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, make sure your listing photos are generating positive ones.

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