3 Reasons to Have a Routine

Planning is an important part of a successful routine. Referral Maker CRM can help you plan your day and stay on track!

Planning is an important part of a successful routine. Referral Maker CRM can help you plan your day and stay on track!

Do you have a daily routine? If you do, you’re well on your way to success. If you don’t (yet), you may want to adopt one. Routines are the habits you do without consciously thinking about them each day, like brushing your teeth or making your morning coffee. Referral Maker® real estate CRM is a tool that can help you stick to routines that boost your productivity, streamline your day and achieve your goals. Here are three reasons to adopt a positive routine today and how Referral Maker CRM can help.

1. Get more done. Many successful agents have a routine that they adhere to every day. It might be doing an hour of proactive lead generation each morning as soon as they step foot in the office or writing five personal notes while the coffee is percolating. Although takes a few weeks of consciously doing these activities to make the routine ‘stick,’ over time it becomes automatic. You won’t need to add “do proactive lead generating activities” to your daily to-do list because you’re already doing them, which frees your focus and energy to complete other priorities on your list.

How Referral Maker CRM can help: Add your activities to you to do list in Referral Maker. They’ll appear on your dashboard when you sign in, making them the first thing you’ll see.

2. Plan the day. Although as a real estate professional, you don’t have too many days that are exactly the same, establishing a routine helps you to create a flexible plan for your day. When used in conjunction with time blocking your schedule, you can organize your day so that your priorities get done and you’re able to face the unexpected challenges that (will inevitably) arise.

How Referral Maker CRM can help: Let Referral Maker help you time block your day. Under Appointments, simply block your time and activities. You appointments also appear on your dashboard, which gives you a glimpse into what you’ll need to accomplish each day.

3. Achieve your goals. Routines give you control over your day by automating your regular tasks and activities. If improving your health is a goal, create a daily fitness routine, such as going to the gym at the crack of dawn or running five miles before breakfast. Over time, these activities will become so entrenched into your day that skipping a day will make you feel out-of-sorts.

The same goes for your daily lead generation. If you want to boost your sales by 30% this year, making a routine of your daily lead generating activities—calls, notes and Pop-Bys—will make it that much easier to reach your goals.

How Referral Maker CRM can help: Create goals for all areas of your life. Go to the My Business tab of Referral Maker and select 5 Circle Goals. Create goals for the five major areas of your life—Personal, Business, Financial, Family and Spiritual.  Referral Maker allows you to set deadlines, milestones and even track your progress.
While routines can’t guarantee your success, they do make it easier to become successful. Let Referral Maker® real estate CRM help you create lasting, productive routines. Referral Maker makes it easy to prioritize your day, create a flexible schedule and set goals in the most important areas of your life.  Achieve more, and have more fun, with Referral Maker CRM! Visit ReferralMaker.com to learn more and to start your 30-day free trial.

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