3 Reasons to Connect Your Clients to Your Network




connect with clients to your network

The end of summer is a time when many homeowners take on projects around the home, whether they’re finally getting around to painting or renovating the master bathroom. Retailers often take advantage of this opportunity and have sales around this time of year in an effort to capture the business of homeowners who weren’t able to get around to it earlier in the year. It also provides an opportunity for you to tap into your network and connect your clients with trusted service professionals and tradesmen who can move the project along. If you haven’t connected your clients to your network yet, what are you waiting for? Here are three reasons.

1. Build your relationship. When you speak with a client and they mention they’re thinking of undergoing a renovation project, follow up with the names of tradespeople or services that can help. Not only will this ease the stress of the renovation, it’ll also show you’re listening to them and you care. This helps to build your relationship with them.
2. Build trust. As consumers, we like to work with people we trust. However, when you only need to use a service or business once every few years, it can be difficult to build that relationship. That’s where you come in. Since you stay in touch with your clients, you’ve built that relationship. When you refer a client to a business you trust, they’ll, in turn, be more likely to trust them.
3. Increase your referrals. This is two-fold. When you refer a business to a client, they’ll be so pleased you offered that ‘unexpected extra’ they’re sure to refer you to their family and friends. Similarly, when the business finds out you referred them to your client, they may start referring people your way as well.

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