3 Productivity Hacks to Take Back Your Day

Sometimes a Post It note just won't do. These tips will help you work smarter and save a tree.

Sometimes a Post It note just won’t do. These tips will help you work smarter and save a tree.

Do you want to be a more productive real estate agent? You’d better work… smarter, that is. Professionals who work smarter spend their days focusing on the tasks that drive their businesses, allowing them to lead thriving businesses and achieve better balance in their work and personal lives. Working smarter helps them to take control of one of their most valuable resources—their time. Here are three ways to improve your productivity and take control of your time.

1. Schedule your day based on your priorities. Planning your day allows you to get more done, especially if you plan with your priorities in mind. Your priorities may include your daily lead generating activities, touching base with your best clients and even family obligations. When you plan your schedule around your priorities, you’re more likely to complete the tasks on your to do list. It also helps you stress less during the day because you no longer have to wonder, ‘When can I get this done?”

Referral Maker® real estate CRM makes it easy for you to set your priorities and take charge of your day. In addition to populating your to-do list with your proactive lead generating activities, it also reminds you of important meetings and events. Visit Referral Maker for more information.

2. Do what grows your business, and delegate the rest. It’s easy to get caught up in the time-consuming tasks that prevent you from doing the activities that drive your business. Tasks such as stuffing envelopes with your marketing flyers and managing your expenses are important; however, they take away from the time you could spend generating leads. Instead, assign these tasks to an assistant who can take care of these and other administrative tasks.

3. Take breaks. Many professionals work for hours without taking a break, and wonder why they’re exhausted and not completing everything on their to-do lists. If you want to increase your productivity, you have to take breaks throughout the day. Short breaks allow your mind to rest and refocus so that you can be at your best.

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