3 Items to Share with Your Network on Social Media

Social media is a quick way to maintain contact with your clients.

Social media is starting to play a bigger role in our business. And, if you’re like the majority of real estate agents, you use social media daily or nearly every day. Whether you’re social network of choice is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+, it’s important to post relevant information that you’re clients and colleagues will find useful. Here are some ideas:

Articles about your local market or the national market. Share your expertise and keep your clients in the loop about the ever-changing housing market. If you see an article online from a reputable news source, share it with your network along with a brief comment with your thoughts.

• Posts from your blog. Many agents have embraced blogging as a way to showcase their knowledge as agents with current and potential clients on sites such as ActiveRain and WordPress. Wherever you’re blogging, be sure to share your posts with your social media networks, which will drive more people to your site and help you to stand out.

• Posts from the Referral Maker™ Blog. Check out the Referral Maker™ CRM blog for information about Working by Referral and other real estate related topics. Share the posts you like with your social network, with a comment about why you liked the post.

Sharing information on your social networks will help your clients see the value that you provide as their agent. Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software helps you boost your productivity and improve communication with your clients. To learn more or to start a free 30-day trial, visit the Referral Maker CRM website.


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