3 Easy Ways to Commit to a System

In order to commit to a system, you have to make it a habit.

If you want to succeed in real estate, it’s essential to commit to a system. In a referral-based business, the system you commit to should be relationship-based as well. Brian Buffini’s Work by Referral System is a simple and effective marketing system that caters to the relationships you build with your clients. And although we give you the tools you need to succeed—including the marketing materials, dialogues, access to Referral Maker™ real estate CRM software, etc.—it’s up to you to do the proactive lead generating activities that are important to your business’s success, and that takes commitment. So, how can you commit to a system? Here are three tips:

1. Make it a habit. While habits may be difficult to form, with daily practice it gets easier to do them. After a while, making your phone calls, writing personal notes, sending your monthly marketing flyers and doing Pop-Bys will become second nature. Until you get to that point, rely on Referral Maker real estate CRM software to keep you on track. Referral Maker creates your daily to-do list for you so that you always know what to do, who to call and even what to say. It’s never been easier to form a habit, and commit to a system.

2. Keep your goal in mind. What are the goals you’ve set for your business? Do you want to double your income this year? Increase business by 30%? While it’s vital to put in the work that will help you achieve success, it’s also important to keep your end goal in mind. Remembering why you’re working so hard will help you commit to a system day after day.

3. Make it fun. Work doesn’t have to be a drag, and neither does the system you’ve committed to. Your tasks become much more enjoyable if they’re fun. Make your daily calls a game, and see how many you can make in an hour. Come up with clever tags to attach to your Pop-Bys. Try to outdo yourself every day or every week. Before long, your tasks will become fun and you’ll find that you enjoy your work even more.



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