3 Easy Steps for Getting More Referrals


If you work by referral, your relationships drive your business. You seek to become your clients’ trusted advisor and ask that they refer you to their family and friends. Take it to the next level by making it easy for them to refer you in the first place. Here’s how:
1. Provide value. By sending your marketing flyers consistently each month, you’re providing value to your clients. The topics are of interest to most homeowners, your clients are likely to read and then share them with their family or friends who may find them useful. Consistency is key—if you want to build trust, your clients must be able to rely on you. When they can be sure they’ll receive valuable information from you each month, you’ll earn their trust.

2. Help them refer you. While your clients may want to help you, you may need to give them that additional push. The easiest way to ask them to share the information you send—both the print flyer and the digital eReport.

Personalize your marketing flyers and you’ll make more money than those who don’t. Why? The people who receive the flyer from a family member or friend will know who to contact when they receive it. Your clients and the people they pass the information on to are able to connect you with the information you send and can easily pick up the phone and call you.

Also, when you post useful information on social media, encourage your clients to share it with their networks. In the post, ask them to share it if they found it useful. It sounds so simple, but these simple acts will help you earn more referrals.

3. Reinforce sharing behavior. We all like to be appreciated for our actions. If your clients share information you’ve sent, be sure to thank them. On social media, it’s easier to see who’s sharing the information you post, so it’s easier to thank them.

With your paper and digital flyers and eReports, finding out who shared the information is a bit trickier. When someone calls you, ask how they heard about you. Often they may volunteer this information in their introduction by saying, “I heard about you from my aunt, who gave me your flyer about home renovations…” or something similar. When they mention the client who referred them, be sure to send them a personal note to thank them once you’re off the phone. Referral Maker CRM makes it easy to keep track of who’s referring you so you can see who your top referrers are. Don’t forget to add the referred client to your database so you can send them flyers and eReports each month as well.

If you want your clients to refer you, you have to make it easy for them to do so. Once you do, you’ll have a pipeline full of warm leads and future business.

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