3 Benefits of Sending Mail—A Business Inspirational Tip from Brian Buffini

Sending traditional mail has major benefits.

Sending traditional mail has major benefits.

Did you know that each week, the average person receives less than one piece of personal mail—seven-tenths to be exact? This gives you a huge opportunity to stand out and catch the attention of your clients. In this clip from Brian Buffini’s Success Tour 2014, Brian explains the benefits of sending mail to your clients and offers a strategy to make your mailings more effective.

“If you’re consistent, I can trust you.” –Brian Buffini

The 3 Major Benefits of Sending Mail
1. It creates a visual impression
2. It communicates consistency.
3. It makes you the trusted source for information.

To make your mailings more effective, think of rainfall. Much like rain improves the growth of plants, sprinkling your clients with mail—that is, sending it to everyone consistently every month—will help you grow and develop your relationships with your clients.
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