3 Benefits of a Vibrant Database

A vibrant database gives you the opportunity to nurture your best relationships.

When you work by referral, every person you meet is a potential advocate for your business; a person who you can rely on to send you reliable referrals. Since relationships help your business to thrive, you can grow and nurture your relationships with your clients by maintaining consistent communication with them through monthly marketing flyers and emails, phone calls, personal notes and Pop-Bys.

To ensure that you’re spending time with the right people, we advise you to sort and qualify your database. Once you’ve categorized your clients, you can enjoy the following benefits:

You know where to focus your efforts. Although you should build relationships with the people in your entire database, categorizing your clients allows you to focus extra energy and effort to the A+ and A clients who send referrals to you.

You can focus on the lead generating activities that will build your business. Marketing to people you already know allows you generate referrals through your existing relationships. Referral Maker CRM real estate software uses the categories of your database to help you connect with and market to your best clients. While you will connect with everyone in your database over the course of the year, you’ll have the opportunity to nurture your connections with your best clients through more frequent communication.

The excellent service you provide will generate a buzz among the people in your database. You provide a valuable service to your clients, which may make them even more likely to tell others about you.

A vibrant database allows you to focus your lead gen on activities that build your business. Click to Tweet.

Referral Maker CRM real estate software makes Working by Referral easy and fun! You’ll always know who to connect with in your database—Referral Maker generates your daily to-do list using your database and your business goals. Streamline your productivity while having fun! Visit the Referral Maker website for more information or to start using Referral Maker CRM real estate software today.


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