3 All-New Enhancements to Referral Maker CRM!



When the transaction closes, update your buyer's new address one time.

When the transaction closes, update your buyer’s new address one time.

The enhancements just keep coming! Our Referral Maker development team has been working hard to make these enhancements and improve your Referral Maker® CRM experience. This week, we’re focusing on your transactions.

What’s new this week?

custom lead source
• Note the source of your lead. You now have a customizable field to document where your leads come from.
• Connect the transaction address to the contact. Now, when you enter a closed transaction for a buyer, you can designate the new address as the contact’s new primary address. No more having to go into the contact’s information to reenter information!

 New and improved search features. Want to know which clients have pets so you can give a pet-themed Pop-By? You can now search by any given field in the system. Talk about advanced searching capabilities!

Referral Maker can help you stay on top of your activities so you can improve your relationships and reach your business goals. Check out all of the new enhancements at ReferralMaker.com.

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