3 Activities Sure to Boost Your Success in 2016

Do these three activities and you're sure to have a great 2016.

Do these three activities and you’re sure to have a great 2016.

Although the year is winding down, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to coast for the rest of the year. Before you take a necessary rest over the holidays, take some time to put these activities into your calendar next year. Planning for these activities now will not only remind you to do them; it’ll ensure that you do, in fact, do them.

Take a seminar. Seminars keep you motivated, fill your mind with the knowledge and tools you need to be at your most effective and meet other high-performing and achieving agents. Look into seminars in your local area, as well as events that offer a live web stream, such as Brian Buffini’s Success Tour. If you only have one day to spare, check out one of our one-day live events, coming to a city near you. Try to go to at least one event in 2016 to keep your skills sharp. And, if you have the time, attend several to keep you motivated!

Check in with your goals. Goals help you achieve success. However, they’re useless if you don’t check in with them periodically. Referral Maker® CRM reminds you of the goals you set for your business, as well as the financial, family, personal and spiritual centers of your life. It also helps you track your progress and makes it easy to stay motivated to achieve success.

Go on vacation. Time off is critical to your productivity and effectiveness as a real estate professional. When you work hard day in and day out, it’s necessary to refresh and recharge from time to time. Plan your vacation now, when you’re relaxed and your business isn’t as hectic. Whether you take a week off or a month, going on a proper vacation, away from the daily stresses, is sure to recharge your mind and get motivated to make 2016 great.

Referral Maker CRM makes it easy to plan your year. Schedule your vacations, seminars, trainings, days off, etc. All of your planning needs are in one place. And when you’re gone, Referral Maker also makes it easy and intuitive to manage your business while you’re out and about. Visit ReferralMaker.com for more information and to sign up today!


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