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Spring Brings New Updates and Product Enhancements

New improvements to Referral Maker CRM

With spring, comes new updates and product enhancements for The Pathway to Mastery —Essentials and Referral Maker CRM. Here’s a list of the latest improvements you’ll see in both of these products.

The Pathway to Mastery — Essentials

  • Rolling Module Access: We have made changes to keep class modules open and available so Mentors/Facilitators & Students can go back to past modules. We are no longer locking past modules.
  • Post Tracking Reports: We know that the effects of our training program may not be realized until after the program has ended.  We have updated the Reports section to show the continued results for students under the Post” section of Reports.
  • Increased Postpone allotment:  We have increased the amount of postpones from 2 to 4 times.
  • Changed dates listed on modules: We have changed the verbiage on the class modules to reflect the date the modules are available.

Referral Maker CRM

  • Referral Maker PRO membership up-sell: This allows Referral Maker CRM members to automatically upgrade to Referral Maker PRO membership within the web app.
  • Client Direct & Personalization up-sell:  This allows Referral Maker PRO members to automatically add-on Personalization or Personalization + Client Direct within the web app.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and enhancements to all of Buffini and Company’s products, throughout the year. If you have any suggestions or improvements that you would like to see, please tell us about them! Email the Product Development Team at