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Just Released – New Enhancements and Bug Fixes!

We’ve rolled out quite a few enhancements and bug fixes! You’ll find these updates in our new training program The Pathway to Mastery — Essentials and in Referral Maker® CRM.

The Pathway to Mastery — Essentials

  • Removed Intro Module Dates:  The Intro Module is intended to be watched before the class starts and is not part of the actual class. We have removed the dates listed for the Intro Module.
  • Added Week to the Reports:  We’ve added the current week to the weekly reports so that it could be easily identified when looking at the reports.
  • In-Class Students – Removed Video Times:  We have removed the video times for in-class students because they do not have access to the weekly videos.
  • Changed “Certify Me” to “Complete” for Certification:  We changed the language from “Certify Me” to “Complete”
  • Changed Class Capacity Limit:   We’ve increased the class capacity limit to: up to 200 students.  Previously this was limited to 50.
  • Bug Fix:  “Class has not started” Message:  This resolves an issues with the “Class has not started” message showing up even though the class has started.
  • Bug Fix: Module Dates off for iOS:  This resolves a bug where the module dates for iOS devices were off by a day.
  • Bug Fix:  Postpone Class:  This resolves a bug with postponing a class. The limit is now set to 2 times.
  • Bug Fix:  Postpone Class Dates:  This resolves an issue with the dates not updating when a Mentors/Facilitators postpones a class.

Referral Maker CRM

  • Image Resizing for emails:  You now have the ability to add any size image to emails, without it auto resizing.
  • Bug Fix: Outlook Contact Sync:  This resolves an issue with duplicate contacts caused by Outlook Ids.

Keep coming back to the Referral Maker CRM Blog! We love keeping our members aware of all the updates we release.

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