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Referral Maker CRM Mobile App now Includes Transactions


You heard that right! You can now access your transactions in the Referral Maker® CRM mobile app. Running your business on the go just got that much easier. First, get the latest version of the app installed. Next, click the menu icon in the top left corner of the app to check out this awesome new feature.

Transactions in mobile app

The new Transactions feature lets you add, edit and delete your transactions right from your phone or tablet. Updating  transaction details in real time, ensures you don’t miss anything you hear while meeting with your clients.  Also, whatever you save in the app will be visible on the desktop version and vice versa.

Transaction Status

New App Features Keep Coming!

Another great app enhancement that we are pleased to announce is the new Saved feature for the Pop By Map. You have the power to plan your day ahead of time by saving the Relationships you want to Pop By, later.


Additional features you may see in the newest version of the app include:

  • A new Rolodex for iPhone users to navigate through their contact list
  • The ability to copy & paste text to use in emails, text messages and other applications
  • We’ve expanded the Activity subject line character limit to 200 + characters
  • Clicking on an email address will now open in a new tab allowing you to navigate back and forth between the app and email
  • We’ve created a mobile app walk-thru that’s available to brand new users.

Being out in the field is a big part of working in real estate.  You have to be organized and stay on top of all the different aspects of your transactions while maintaining and growing your relationships. The mobile app is here to keep you on track and focused when you are away from the office.

Bug Fix Alert!

Our developers are hard at work making sure that Referral Maker is running in tip top shape. They’ve recently fixed an issue with the Google/Outlook calendar sync. We are now supporting special characters in calendar events that were causing the issues.