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Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

Get ready for a  great 2016!

Get ready for a great 2016!

The New Year is almost here. Now is the time to commit to having your most productive year yet! Get motivated to take your business to the next level, tackle any challenges that come your way and achieve success. Here are three timeless tips to help you make 2016 your best yet. Continue reading

What’s the Time? It’s Time to Take a Break!

Time off is good for your health and good for your business.

Time off is good for your health and good for your business.

You’ve worked hard all year—it’s time to take break. Although it sounds contrary, breaks are essential to maintaining your productivity. Many agents work hard all the time, only to burnout after a while. However, the most productive agents not only work hard, they also take time off to rest and recharge. In the end, taking breaks not only benefits your mind, it benefits your business as well.

Recharge your mind and spirit. There is merit to working hard; however, when you constantly work for an extended period of time you may begin to feel frustrated, tired and overworked. You may also find it difficult to focus on your daily activities, causing you compromise the service you offer to your clients.

A break allows your mind and attention to focus on something other than the business. It’s your time to recharge your internal battery and increase your energy and motivation.

Become more effective as a professional. Taking breaks gives you the opportunity to step back and remember why you got into the business in the first place. Reconnecting with your ‘why’ increases your motivation and allows you to serve your clients better while offering your best self to your business.

Look at your business with new eyes. When you take a break from your business, you’re able to look upon your business and any challenges you may be facing from a new perspective. And since you’re recharging your mind and spirit, you’re better prepared to solve your challenges with enthusiasm.

The holidays aren’t the only time of the year to take a break. Use Referral Maker® CRM to help you schedule several breaks throughout the year. This will help to ensure your productivity and keep your motivation high. Visit for more information.

Why Consistency is Key, Especially at the End of the Year

Continuing to do your activities now will plant the seeds for your sales next year.

Continuing to do your activities now will plant the seeds for your sales next year.

One of the biggest traits that separate an agent from a professional is consistency. While agents typically call it a year as soon as the calendar strikes December 1st, professionals keep working. Although professionals may lighten their work load at this time of year, they still strive to maintain consistency in their daily life. Why is consistency so important?

Continue to build trust. Consistency builds trust. How? When you send your Marketing Flyers and eReports each month, like clockwork, your clients begin to expect them. They’ll look forward to hearing from you and receiving great information. This not only helps breed trust, it also strengthens your relationships with them.

Stay in habit. Habits are hard to create, but oh so easy to break. When you take an extended period of time away from your daily activities, it can be tough to get back in the habit of doing them again. Maintaining consistency helps you maintain your good habits.

Set the stage for next year’s referrals. Although you may not be closing as many deals at this time of year, you are sowing the seeds for next year’s business. By staying consistent and doing your daily lead generating activities now, you’re setting the stage for a great start of the new year.

Referral Maker® CRM helps you stay consistent even when it’s tough. Referral Maker tells you what to do and who to contact each day. Not sure what to say? Referral Maker can help there as well, giving you all of Brian Buffini’s proven dialogues. See what the fuss is about. Visit today!

3 Activities Sure to Boost Your Success in 2016

Do these three activities and you're sure to have a great 2016.

Do these three activities and you’re sure to have a great 2016.

Although the year is winding down, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to coast for the rest of the year. Before you take a necessary rest over the holidays, take some time to put these activities into your calendar next year. Planning for these activities now will not only remind you to do them; it’ll ensure that you do, in fact, do them. Continue reading

3 Ways to Finish the Year Strong

You still have time to Win the Year!

You still have time to Win the Year!

End the year on a high note by recommitting to your marketing campaigns! Whether you knocked it out of the park this year or you fell off-track and struggled to recover, recommitting to your marketing can help you end the year ready and motivated to take on the challenges of 2016. If you want to start the year with leads in your pipeline, it’s essential to keep doing the work now. Continue reading