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4 Tips for Working with Your Spouse

Follow these tips to keep the peace at home and at work.

Follow these tips to keep the peace at home and at work.

If you’re a real estate agent who works with your spouse, you know that this arrangement has its rewards and its challenges. While it’s wonderful to work alongside of someone you love, it’s often more difficult to separate the business from the personal relationship, causing disagreements and stress to spill over into both areas. However, there are ways to keep the peace at home and work, while helping the business to succeed. Continue reading

Two Things to Do Now—A Business Inspirational Tip from Brian Buffini

If you keep your skills sharp and your priorities straight, you're sure to succeed!

If you keep your skills sharp and your priorities straight, you’re sure to succeed!

This week’s clip from the real estate event, MasterMind Summit 2013, features Brian explaining two inspirational quotes from men who he looks up to, and how they can help you find success in your business. Continue reading

Make the 80/20 Principle Work for You

The Pareto Principle will help you to optimize your productivity and focus your effort.

The Pareto Principle will help you to optimize your productivity and focus your effort.

The Pareto Principle—also known as the 80/20 Rule—is seeing a resurgence in popularity in the business world, as experts are citing it as a way to boost the efficiency of their business. This timeless rule of economics states that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes, or 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort.

The principle is perfect for real estate professionals who work by referral. For our industry, this translates to 80% of your lead generation results come from 20% of your clients. Who are those 20%? You might know them as your A+ and A clients—the ones who you receive the most referrals from. And, since they send those great leads your way, it’s important to cultivate your relationship with them. Continue reading

3 Ways to Create Your Own Luck

You don't need a horse shoe orfour-leaf clovers for good luck; just follow these tips.

You don’t need a horseshoe and four-leaf clovers for good luck; just follow these tips.

Do you know someone who seems to have all the luck? Perhaps they landed a huge listing and sold it in record time, or maybe they seem to have more clients than they know what to do with. It’s easy to write off successful real estate professionals as having Lady Luck on their side; however, luck has nothing to do with it. These agents have mastered the attitude and behaviors that foster success. Take a page from these ‘lucky’ successful people and create your own luck with these tips: Continue reading

Maintain Your Habits—and Your Productivity—with These Simple Tips

Maintain your habits and productivity with these simple tips

These tips will ensure that your compass always points to success and efficiency.

Many of us try to adopt new habits, only to fall back into the old ones. Although an activity becomes a habit after 21 days, it’s easy to slide into the habits that we’re used to, ones that may not be beneficial to our productivity or our businesses. These slides can occur when we forget to do an activity for a day or two, when we go on vacation or out of town, or when something happens to throw us off of our routine. It’s difficult to get back on track, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips to maintain your good habits: Continue reading

5 Ways to Inspire Your Agents

Bring out the best in your agents with these 5 tips.

Whether you’re responsible for two agents or two hundred, it’s important to become an effective leader. Your agents look up to you for motivation as well as to model the behaviors and habits that will make them successful in the industry. Here are five ways to improve your leadership style and inspire your agents to greatness. Continue reading

The Value of Experience —A Business Inspirational Tip from Brian Buffini



Experience offers valuable lessons to help you succeed in business and in life. In this clip from the real estate event, MasterMind 2013, Brian Buffini explains the value of your experience and learning from the experiences of other people. Continue reading

7 Things to Do Now to Become a More Effective Agent

Agents who commit to continual personal and professional growth are more efficient than their peers.

Did you know that every day you have a chance to become more effective as an agent? How you spend each day can have an impact on your ability to achieve success. The habits that you’ve developed over the years can help or hinder you on your quest for success. Here are seven things to start doing right now to help you become more effective as a real estate professional. Continue reading

How to Work with Different Generations

While it’s important to offer your clients of all generations great service, it’s also vital to understand that they have different needs.

In order to give your clients the best service, it’s important to know and understand their needs as well as communicate with them in the way that they prefer. Often, these needs reflect the generations in which your clients belong. Different generations may be looking for different things and may wish to be contacted differently as well. Here are three things to keep in mind when working with your clients: Continue reading

The 3 Things that Predict Your Success

Optimistic people are more successful than their pessimistic counterparts. Read on to find out why.

Did you know that the way you process information—positively or negatively—not only impacts your happiness, but can also have a bearing on your success as well? The way your brain processes information frames the way you view things and can predict your success, more so than genetics or your environment. How would you react to this situation: You’ve taken up running and sign up for your first 5K. You finish the race dead last. Do you think, “This running nonsense isn’t for me. I’m gonna chill on the couch and watch some Maury.” Or do you think, “It was super fun seeing all the spectators at the finish line. And hey, at least I finished! I’ll add speed drills to my daily training runs so I can improve my time for the next one.” Continue reading